Google offers website and application analytics for free. The free-of-charge basis is one of the best things about Google 🙂 With the help of Google Analytics you can track the performance of apps for Android, iOS and other platforms. If you already use GA for your website, you can set up your application analytics and get all data in the same dashboard.

This powerful app analytics tool gives you the following opportunities:

Understand how many users downloaded your app and how many of them are using it actively;
Get the characteristics of the users and their path to your app;
Estimate the actions your users are taking;
Measure your app revenue and the amount of in-app purchases;
Receive reports, customized to your business;
See visualized user navigation paths;
Google mobile analytics will slice and dice the data you receive to understand the behavior of different groups of users;
Leverage the data from Google Analytics in other Google products;
Integrate GA with AdMob to track the success of your paid campaigns.
For some users, GA can seem vague and cluttered. This web and mobile analytics is really not the easiest tool to use. There is no support service in case something goes wrong, so you’ll have to go through tutorials and search for answers on your own.