1. Firstly, set geographic targeting in search console.
2  if we target audience is in the U.S., try to get more backlinks from U.S.-based websites.
3. Host website on US servers
4. For country-based traffic, we should submit website to local search engines and local web directories. This will eventually become a very useful tool for getting country-specific backlinks, which will become a significant factor in determining the geo-location of traffic.
5.  Two version of a site can be targeting at English speakers in the US and UK. Therefore the appropriate language-locale codes (en-us and en-gb) can be added to each hreflang tag.

<link rel="alternate" https://www.example.com/" hreflang="en-us">
<link rel="alternate" https://www.example.co.uk/" hreflang="en-gb">

6. Google business listing page for US location.

7. To target a country - specific website traffic, we would need to do SEO for that location, region.
  Keyword research for the specified location
  Use location specific keywords in the content
8. Engage people from that country on social media with relevant content for them.
9. Have a physical location in that country, have that address displayed on website, get listed in local directories.
10. Use country name in post titles/metas etc