When starting a new blog it’s essential that you have he right tools and that you set your blog up properly other wise you could effect your user experience and you could also affect your sites SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).
In my experience there are just some plugins that are a must for any blog and you should have them from the day you start your blog. They will help you to create a better blog and also help to create a more pleasing user experience.
Note: I have linked the titles to the pages where you will be able to find the plugin and if I’ve mentioned more than one plugin I’ve put the links in the description, make sure you check them out and use them!

10 Plugins Your New Blog Should Include


This cool little plugin will detect all the spam comments that will be eft on your blog. Spam is a huge issue on the Internet and if you don’t have something to deal with it you could find you spend most of your day deleting spam comments from you blog. So get the plugin and let it deal with the spam, this plugin will only let the genuine ones through and will put the spam into the junk box. This plugin is especially key for growing blogs as you’ll find that you could have hundreds of spam comments left on your blog on a daily basis.

Broken Link Checker

Sometime links don’t work properly or that the site you’re linking to doesn’t exist anymore so it’s important that you know about these broken links. They can harm your SEO and also annoy your readers if you they come across broken links. Stay on top of them and get sent email alerts of any broken links and deal with them as soon as you can.

XML Google Sitemaps

This little plugin creates site maps for your blog so Google understands the layout of your blog better and so it can crawl the information more effectively as well, all you have to do is upload it and let it work its magic, you don’t have to do anything else to with it. Although it is recommended that you do submit your site map to Google though Webmaster Tools.

All In One SEO

Search Engine Optimisation is the key to Google traffic. It is really important that you optimise your site for Google from day one and this plugin will help you do exactly that. Install the plugin and you will then have the option to optimise all your posts and pages with SEO titles, description and meta data to help search engines understand the content of that page better and get your pages ranking in search engines so you can also get some of that search engine traffic.

W3 Total Cache

Having a fast loading high performing site is really important, your readers like it and so does Google, so make sure you use this plugin to optimise your page load time and also your user experience.

Contact Form

It is really important to have an open relationship with your readers and allow them yo contact you so be sure to use this plugin and include a contact from on one of your pages so your readers and potential business opportunities can get in touch with you.

Subscriber Plugin

Have you ever heard the term, “the money is in the list”?, well it is a well know fact that in the internet marketing and blogging world you can make a lot of money by having an email list of subscribers from your blog. So make sure you have a suitable plugin that will help you build your list quickly and efficiently  without too much hassle, I recommend using either WPSubscribers or Optin Form, they are super easy to use and allow you to place subscriber forms all over your blog that will also look great from a design perspective.

Digg Digg/ Sharebar

Two things you need to know when it comes to content sharing, readers love to share good content and having your content shared means more traffic to your blog. So on this note are you giving your readers every opportunity to share your content? If not you need to be, I recommend using either Digg Digg or Sharebar to allow you readers to share your content easily with their friends and followers.

WP Touch

With the increase in mobile browsing and searches coming from Google mobile it’s really important to be able to cater for that market of mobile users. WP Touch will convert your site into a mobile friendly site so your mobile visitors are able to view the site easily on their phones and read all your amazing content that you’ll be writing.

Rank Reporter

So I’ll be honest with you, this isn’t a must have plugin it’s just a cool way to be able to track your Google rank for the keywords that you want to rank for. Install it, add your keywords and check your rankings on a daily basis to see how your SEO efforts are working out for you.

So now you know the tools that you need to make sure you start your blog successfully and also you give your users and Google a great user experience, the only question is did we miss plugin that you think we should have recommended? Make sure you tell us in the comments below.