When you first start blogging one of the most important things you can do apart from writing awesome content is to be able to promote your work properly and get exposure to the right audience. Every time you publish you need to let the world know that there are updates ready for them to read, whilst you’re new, people won’t think to come and check out your blog for updates and that’s why it’s your job to let them know.
So how do you do this? Promoting your blog is a free job and it should be enjoyable as your telling the world about your work, the article you put hours of work into writing and perfecting so you should take pride in promoting your blog. Now there are a number of different ways you can promote your work online but here’s 4 methods that we’ve found really successful for brining the crowds in.

Share It With Your Mailing List

As I’ve said before you should have a mailing list and the first thing you want to do is to let your regular readers know that you have a new article for them to read. Your regular readers already like what you say and they like your blog so these guys are also very likely to tweet and share your post after they have read it and help you grow by bringing in more people.
Most businesses always go after new customers and forget about the ones they have, I always feel that you should look after the ones you have and they will bring in the new customers for you, this principal works for blogging too. Look after your readers and they will help bring in more readers by promoting you and your blog to their networks, seriously it works, the more conversations you can have on social media the more people will hear about you.

Twitter And Facebook

Your biggest social networks should be Twitter and Facebook, it’s time to let you fans and followers know about your new article. Setup a series of tweets on Buffer so they get sent out during the day and also share you work on Facebook. You want to maximise your engagement time, so by setting up an auto tweet series you know that your promoting your blog even whilst you’re having conversations with your fans.
The aim of the game is to build up these fan bases and get as many followers as you can, build it with people interested in the topic that you write about so even if people don’t sign up to your mailing list you can still reach them as a follower or a fan in another way.

Other Social Shares And Bookmarking

I generally try to share my posts everywhere I can, StumbleUpon, Digg, Delicious, Reddit and anywhere else I can think of really. If I can post my work on a site I will, especially those with big audiences, a lot of my traffic when I first started out came from sites like Reddit and Digg. Don’t underestimate the power of these social and web 2.0 sites!

Leave Comments On CommentLuv Blogs

Firstly comments are great for bringing in traffic from blogs similar to yours, especially if your one of the first to comment on the post, you also get a link back to your site from that comment which will help with SEO and Google recognising your blog. Now if you comment on CommentLuv blogs you get the traffic the link back to your home page and also a link back to the article that you just published giving you some nice SEO juice and also some extra traffic, and finally you start to join the community and let people know that your out there and you want to join in on whats going on! Don’t underestimate the power of blog commenting, if the persons blog you comment on likes on of your articles they may just link to one of your articles when they next write.

Over To You

So what are the best blog promotion methods that you use to get traffic to your site? Share them with us in the comments below and let us know of what you thought of our promotion tactics.