So you’re thinking about starting a blog, and maybe you’ve done lots of research into it and you think you’re ready to get stuck in… well I’m here to tell you to think again.
I’ve got 5 key questions for you to ask yourself about your new venture before you get stuck in and I want you to answer them honestly.
If you can answer these questions with flying colours then you can start your blog, if you can’t, get yourself back to the drawing board and finish your research, the whole point of this exercise is to make sure you can launch a successful blog rather than being doomed for failure from day one.
It’s important to start on the right foot otherwise when you’re not making progress and you start to feel disheartened by the whole thing you’ll give up and forget about it, but if you start right, create something worthwhile then you’ll keep going until you make it a success!!
So answer these today, not later and definitely don’t put it in your reading list as you’ll forget about it! Let’s get started!

Who Is Your Target Audience?

Doesn’t matter whether you’re a blogger, businessman or an author the principles are the same… who is going to be interested in what you’re selling, writing or preaching?
This needs to be clearly defined before you start. Nail down exactly who you can see reading your blog and when you write articles write for them specifically. What’s their age, their interest, their knowledge level of your niche?
This blog is for beginners to blogging, I write for people completely new to blogging who want to get started, so I make sure I cover the basics and I don’t use industry words that they wouldn’t understand so when I do, I explain the meaning behind it.

What Is The Objective Of The Blog?

What do want your blog seen as and how do you see it’s position in your niche?
Are you blogging to help your business, are you creating an authority site in your field or is it just for a bit of fun and to maybe make a little money?
With this objective you should be able to decide how to position yourself to your readers and the kind of information to add to your blog.

What Are The Primary Keyword That You’re Going To Target?

On the internet it’s really crucial to understand what people will search to be able to find your site. For example if you were looking for the articles that your about to write what key words and phrases will you use to find them in the search engines?
Knowing this will help you to gauge the size of your potential market. Use tools like Google Keyword Tools to be able to judge the size of your audience and also find phrases that people will search in Google and other search engines to find you.

Who Is Your Biggest Competition?

When I say competition I don’t really mean competition as in the blogging world any other site that does the same thing as you is a good thing especially if their well established with large audiences.
Find 10 of the biggest blog in your niche and get to know their sites inside out, read their most popular articles, leave some comments and also look at their audience size, the bigger the site the more benefit that is to you when you start to drive traffic to your site. Guest posting and commenting on theses sites can really help drive large amounts of traffic to your site and get you going on the right foot.
So find your competition and use them to your advantage, it’s really key that you know who they are as you can leverage them to grow your own site.

How Are You Going To Monetize?

Understanding monetization will help you to gauge the amount of money that you can potentially make. If you can’t monetize your site successfully you may have to question the niche that your about to start a blog in, however don’t panic because if you can’t monetize with products and affiliate promotions you can resort to advertising which deepening on the size of your audience and the topic you write about can be quite lucrative.
However it is a good idea to know how much money you could potentially make from your niche either from products or advertising, makes you hard work worth while and gives you some targets to work towards.
A lot of blogs sometimes publish their earnings report for the month as proof that they are successful and what they do works, have a search on Google and see if you can find any sites that publish their earnings in your niche to get an idea of how much money they make, how they monetize and also the size of their audience.

Over To You…

So are you ready to start your blog? Do you know the size of your market, do you know your biggest competition and do you know how much money you can make from your niche? Answer the questions and let me know what you think in the comments below, also did we miss and important question or points in this article?
Once you are ready to start your blog click here to see our step by step tutorial.