reating great content is really key to being able to start a successful blog and most importantly keep people coming back to your blog for more. Creating content should be easy and you should never struggle to create content for your site however if you do I have a great formula that you could use to be able to create great content time and time again even if you get stuck.
So what makes good content and how can you create great content for you readers that encourages them to take action on what you have said and also encourages them to share the content to help you to build your audience quickly and be able to reach more people.
There are certain factors that go into making good content and I have a formula that works every time.
Here are my 7 tips for being able to write great articles for your new blog.


Before taking pen to paper or fingers to your keyboard make sure you plan your post, don’t just start writing otherwise you won’t have a structure to your post and it won’t flow like it should. Firstly come up with a rough title for your post, it doesn’t have to be the final title, we’ll come back to that. Now start to create a spider diagram of that information that you want to include in your post, coming up with subheadings and other information that you want to include. Once you have finished that you can start to structure your post and put the information in the order that will allow your reader to understand your post and also to create an article that flows.


Do you need to do any research for this post or do you have all the information that you need? This is the time to get all the facts and figures that you might need for it, once you start writing you don’t want to interrupt your flow with skipping back and forth to the internet for more data.

Pictures and Visuals

Pictures and visuals can really help your audience understand your points and also help to add a visual element to your blog which can both be more entertaining and also more compelling. Good visuals often include flow charts and diagrams of processes. If you can include a visual make sure you do as it can also help encourage social sharing on networks such as Pintrest and Facebook.

Call To Action

A good bit of content must be actionable in some shape or from. It’s no good going to the trouble of writing a great 1000 word article if somewhere in that you’re not encouraging your audience to take action on what you are talking about. If you’re talking about dieting get your reader to start writing out a diet plan right now and take them through the steps. If you’re talking about procrastination get your reader to start taking action today by writing something so motivational that they would want to start straight after reading your article.


A headline can make or break your article without question. This takes time and research to get right and it’s also going to be the thing that will draw your potential audience onto your blog, do not neglect it. You want to make it catchy and interesting but at the same time being able to answer a question that they want an answer to in your niche. For example in my niche I may use headlines such as: “Here’s how to get 1000 visitors a days starting today” or “10 Timeless Ways For Driving Traffic To Your New Blog“, common things new bloggers need help with and need answers to.


It’s really important to be able to present your post in an easy to read and scannable format. So using short paragraphs, good spacing and subheadings helps your readers be able to read your content quickly and easily and enjoy it more. So make use of these simple functions in front of you and make your blog more likeable and offer your readers a better experience.

Readability & Proof Read

Once you have gone through all the steps above you come to the polishing off and perfecting your masterpiece. You’ll need to be able to answer these questions before you publish your content:
  • Is it easy to read and does the article flow?
  • Does it make sense?
  • Have I used relevant visuals where possible?
  • Is my headline the best it can be?
  • Are there any spelling, punctuation or grammar errors?
  • Is this article the best I can possibly make it?
If the answer is yes to all of those question then you can hit the publish button and hopefully watch the traffic flood in to see what you have to say.

Over To You

So how are you going to make your content irresistible starting today and how are you going to keep your readers coming back for more? Great content is one of the keys to a successful blog, don’t underestimate it.