When it comes to site design you can only set a first impression once. When a new visitors lands on your blog you have to give them every reason in the world to sick around and read what you have to say. A new visitor will make up their mind about your site in roughly 3-5 seconds, which isn’t very long and that’s the time you have to be able to convince them that they should have a look round your blog.
So what makes a good site design and what should you include to make sure you have every chance of turning that stray visitor into a regular reader?

Logo/ Title/ Brand

Starting with the top you obviously want a clear brand and logo visible to your reader. First thing their going to want to know is what is the name of your its and what are you all about. Logos have to be clear, bold and well designed, it’s the first thing your readers going to see and it’s going to be the thing that gives the first impression.

Tagline/ Info

When I usually land on a new site the first thing I look for is something that is going to tell me what that site is all about if the name hasn’t done so already. A tagline can work wonders on your blog and instantly be able to tell your new visitor what your site has to offer. Make it to the point and clearly visible to your audience.

Clear Colour Scheme

Creating a brand is really important when it comes to working online, you want a clear set of colours that will be used in your logo and all around your website as well as being used to represent your brand off your website on social media, giveaways and any other branding that you might do.


The fonts that you also use are going to be very important, these will flow through your logo and header design right the way through to post titles and again anything else that you may create that won’t be on your site. When creating a brand consistency is really key to being able to set an impression and be remembered by your readers.

Clear Menu And Navigation

I hope this one goes without saying really, every site or blog should have a clear navigation and it should be pretty simple and easy for readers to go through your content. Make it easy for readers to find your best content and also once your blog starts to get bigger make sure you have an archive page so they can see all your posts on one page and read through them quickly and easily.

Clean Sidebar

Keep your blog clean and clutter free, don pack out your sidebar with horrible looking banners and links and just way too much stuff, keep it simple and easy to use. If you want to put ads in there do it with style and make sure you have the necessaries in there like subscriber forms and popular posts.

Subscriber Forms

When it comes to building an online business and presence having a subscriber list is very important. You can drive visitors back, make money from the list and much, much more. So make sure you include this from day one and start building a mailing list that is interested in what you have to say. I use WPSubscribers and Optin Skin to build my subscriber lists.

Popular Posts

It is really important to be able to convince first time visitors to your blog to stay so having a list of your best work is almost a sure way to ensure that they stick around. Showing your best or popular articles in the sidebar will allow your visitor to see what some of your best work is and the posts that they should read, if they like them you’re almost guaranteed to have a regular reader.

Over To You…

So when designing your blog how are you going to make sure you readers like what they see and how are you going to make sure they should stick around and subscribe to keep up to date with all your new content?