So you’ve created your blog, your up and running and maybe you’ve even got some traffic to your blog and finally the time has come to monetize your creation. In many cases monetization is easy, all you meed is to find yourself a good site that will help you to create an income from your blog, however the difficulty comes in deciding how to make money from your blog.
There are a ton off different ways you can make money from a website or blog but the key is to choose the optimum monetization method that will allow you to make the most money you can from your current traffic as not all methods carry the same value.
Let’s look at some different ways you can make money from your site then.
The best and most popular for most blog topics is to create your own product. Something that would suite your audience and something that could be potentially looking for and possibly lacking from the market. Let’s say you blog about personal finance, you could create your own product on managing debt and savings effectively. If you run a blog about travelling maybe you could write a course about travel hacking and how to get as far as you can for as little money as possible. The trick here is create something that your audience will snap your had off for. If you have a mailing list ask them what they want so whilst your spending late nights creating your product you know that it will all be worth it as you already have orders lined up.
Now if you don’t like the thought of creating your own product you can always partner up with someone else and sell theirs. If you know someone with a product see if they have an affiliate program for their product so you can join it and make a commission on each sale. Alternatively you can look on sites like ClickBank and E-Junkie which are specialist affiliate site that specialise in helping you find a product to promote for a commission, this means you can monetize today and you don’t have to slog it out in front of the computer trying to figure out what to put into your course or product.
However not all topics can be monetized through product sales, sometimes you can only effectively make money through advertisement, however this gets a little complex as there are so many different types of advertisement that you can use. There is pay-per-click, cost per mile, pay per lead, fixed cost advertising and a few others I have possibly missed out on my list.
Each method of advertisement is popular in different niches. So let’s go through each one just to clarify what each of them mean and how you will get paid for having that advertisement on your site.
Pay Per Click (PPC)- This type of advertisement will pay you per click that an advert on your site has. Google AdSense is a great example of PPC, you place the ad code on your site, they will deploy adverts that they think your audience will like and they will pay you for every click that your site generates on that advert, each advert has its own pay out so you’ll never be sure how much you might get paid as it will vary depending on your traffic and clicks you generate that day as well as the cost of that advert.
Cost Per Mile (CPM)- In this case a mile stands for 1000 impression, so in this type of advertisement you will get paid for every 1000 impressions an advert has had on the visitors of your blog. Similar principles to PPC advertisement but instead you just have to generate traffic, no clicks are needed just an impression on the reader.
Pay Per Lead- In this instant you get paid per lead that you might generate, for example if the advert send your reader to a sign up page you will only get paid for them completing their details on that page, and that is called a lead which you will then get paid for every one that you generate through your advertisements.
Fixed Cost Advertising One of my favourite types of advertising and possibly the most lucrative in the niches I have sites in. Here I decide how much I want to charge you to advertise on my site for 30 days based on the size of the advertisement space and the location of the advert that I am offering. This is a one-off fee, the advert will appear on my site for 30 days and the charge stays the same no matter how many impressions or clicks it may have. I like this as it’s a very stable monthly income for me. However it is the hardest to source if you are looking for advertisers yourself, you either have to source advertisers yourself or use an ad network like Buy Ads or Buy Sell Ads to sell the space for you at a commission.
Each method of monetization will bring in a different amount of cash, it’s up to you to figure out which will work best on your site and your niche, you can always spy on your competition to find out how they make their money, if they have been around for a while they will know what works best within that niche. Also don’t forget you can use more that one of the methods to make money online, you can safely mix and match monetization methods to really capitalise on your income.
So now you know how you can make money online how are you going to start making money from your site?