So let me guess: You love to become a fashion blogger. And you a guide to know how to start a fashion blog.
Don’t wait. Today is your day to start a fashion blog!
Put things on hold for the next 15 minutes and follow this three steps that we have shown below. You’ll be up and running with your own fashion blog today.
How to Start a Fashion Blog

Today, You will learn all about starting a fashion blog on your own and how to become a successful fashion blogger & earn money from it.
Blogging change my life I make thousands of dollars every month, all by doing something that I love.
You can also start a money-making blog by spending few dollars a month! Just follow this step by step guide to starting a fashion blog for cheap.
Also, some of you would think about starting your fashion blog for free.
NOOOOO… Don’t do that. There are so many reasons for why you shouldn’t create your fashion blog on a free blogging platform.
Here are some
  • Your free blog will have a domain like “” which is hard to remember and don’t have branded address. If you own hosting and domain you have blog name like “”.
  • You don’t have full control if you start on a free blogging platform.
  • You need to hire someone if you need to make any change on your free blogging platform.
But If you are serious about starting a successful fashion blog do it on WordPress.
It is free to do change, and you can have full control on your blog and WordPress has tons of free theme & plugin so you can change your design anything and add an extra feature for free using plugin.
Moreover, You just need to pay 2.75$ per month for hosting and domain. If you need to start a fashion blog on WordPress
Click here to start a fashion blog on WordPress, then use the tutorial below for the easy directions.


  1. Domain Name and Hosting
  2. Installing WordPress
  3. How to Making it Pretty
  4. How to Write Your First Blog Post

Steps to start Fashion Blog


Let’s begin. Now you need a Domain and Hosting
A domain name is your website’s address. Like or
Web hosting is where your website live. It’s where your files that you upload in your blog will be saved. Every website needs web hosting. Only with that someone can access your site by entering your domain and see your blog & read the content in it.
A domain name will cost around $14.99 / year, and web hosting will cost around $7.99 / month.
If you’re looking to start a fashion blog for cheap, then choosing Bluehost.
Thankfully, Bluehost has given an offer for startup blogger you just need to click this link. With this, you just need to pay $2.75 a month with a free domain name.
Step 1) Once the page got loaded. You need to click on the green “Get Started Now” button.
Special offer for WordPress usersStep 2) Now, select the plan that you need. Bluehost has three different plan (You can select the basic plan if you are going to start only one blog).
Bluehost hosting plan
Step 3) After you finish selecting the plan, you need to enter the domain name for your blog (Make sure the blog name is easy to remember).

enter your fashion blog domain name
Step 4) Now it Bluehost will show you the package information settings. Below is a screenshot of what I use.
package information settings

Select No. of month you need to host your blog.

Bluehost month
  • If you sign up for a 36-month plan, then the price is $2.75 per month.
  • If you sign up for a 24-month plan, then the price is $3.95 per month.
  • If you sign up for a 12-month plan, then the price is $4.95 per month.
If you are not sure about blogging, Then I would suggest you to sign up for the 12-month plan. Where you need to pay only $4.95, it is still affordable and it’s a great plan to start a blog (you will also get a free domain at this price still!).
Other than domain privacy protection(It will hide your personal address and phone number from being displayed to the public.) unclicks all the option.
Even you can unclick domain privacy protection if you don’t have any issue in displaying your personal address and phone number to the public.


Now you’ve completed registration with Bluehost
It’s time to install WordPress on Bluehost.
WordPress is a blogging software.  I run all my blogs on WordPress because it’s user-friendly, free and powerful than any other blogging software.
Step1) Login to Bluehost and find the “Website” section. Click on the “Install WordPress” icon.
Install WordPress

Step 2) Choose the “do it yourself” version and then click the “Install” button.

click the Install button
Step 3) Check your domain is listed and then click on the “Check Domain” button.

Check Domain
Step 4) Check the terms and conditions check box and then click the “Install Now” button.

terms and conditions
Step 5) Once you get the message that “Your install is complete!”

Bluehost Panel
Click on the “View Credentials” button and write down your WordPress Admin URL, Username, and Password.
You can change the Password after you logging in into your WordPress admin panel.
To Login type your Admin URL ( into your web browser. Then enter your WordPress Username and Password.
Congrats! Now your WordPress blog is up and running.
Now it’s time to make it pretty and learn the basic


To make your fashion blog look pretty, you need to find a theme that matches your blogging need.
To do that, You can look at this video guide(How to find and activate WordPress theme).


Also, I request you to watch this two below video guide to optimizing your blog and setup it.
  1. Optimize Your Fashion Blog for Search Engine Using Yoast
  2. Make Your Permalinks “SEO-Friendly” in WordPress
If you issue in setting all this. You can contact me here.