How to Start A WordPress Blog In 5 Minutes

Bluehost makes it incredibly easy to create a blog with their “one click WordPress Installation.” A one-click installation is exactly what it sounds like. Press a button, and boom. You’ve created a blog!
Start A Blog in 5 Minutes Free WordPress Setup & Only $4.95 / month
Still a little unsure? Let me help you out! Keep reading below for the step-by-step guide that we’ve put together just for you.

Step 1: Click the Green “Get Started Now” Button On’s Home Page

Pretty easy right? First click my Bluehost link, and then click “Get Started Now” Click Here to Start

Step 2: Type In Your New Blog’s Domain Name – And Click Next

Just type in the name of what you want your new blog to be known as. Think of it as the brand name for your site. Try and get a .com domain extension it makes it easier down the road. Trust me! Enter a Domain Name

Step 3: Input Your Account Information

You do have to put in a credit / debit card here, but this is by far the best and the cheapest hosting that I’ve found online. This is the best way to start a blog, especially if it really takes off. You don’t want to be hosting it somewhere else.  Trust me, learn from my past mistakes. Enter Account Information You’ll get to a  section called “Package Information.” These add-ons cost extra, generally, I don’t think they’re worth it. I don’t even really care about the Whois Privacy. If your site gets popular enough you might want to look into this, but me personally all my info is out there and I’m ok with saving $10 / year. You can get the backup plan if you like, but again. I don’t ever choose it. There are ways to get backups of your site. There are some free plug ins if you’re really paranoid. Again if it makes you feel more comfortable then by all means go for it!
Start A Blog in 5 Minutes Free WordPress Setup & Only $4.95 / month

Step 4: Create Your Password

You’ve seen this before, there are a lot of parameters to use to make your password more secure. Make sure to follow all their guidelines or just pick the password generator and store it in your browser. That’s what I do personally.
Create a Password

Step 5: Login to your new Bluehost Account – We’re Almost There!

Step 6: Time to Create Your WordPress Blog

It’s time to create your NEW WordPress blog. It literally takes you less than 1 minute. It’s incredible to watch how quickly it’s done.
Install WordPress
Start A Blog in 5 Minutes Free WordPress Setup & Only $4.95 / month
Ok, head on over to your control panel. This is under Hosting >> cPanel. Scroll down a bit and look for the WordPress icon. Click on it
Install WordPress
Once you do that, you’ll be pointed to another page, where you have to just click “Install.” It’s a gray button and it can be difficult to see. Once you click on that Bluehost is going to ask you where you want to install your new blog. It’s time to set your WordPress settings. I always install WordPress into my root folder. This folder is selected by default when you get ready to install it. So all you have to do is agree to the Terms and Services and click “Install Now.” Then the magic begins.
Root Directory
While it’s installing Bluehost likes to try and upsell you on specific products whether it’s themes or plugins. I just ignore those banners for now. I can always go back and find them. I just want my WordPress blog installed.
Wordpress Progress
Now you’re nearly done! The green bar is finished and you can click on the ‘View Credentials’ link at the top of the page.  This takes you to a page that lists your blog url, admin url, username, and password that was automagically generated for you.
Wordpress Credentials
Make sure to copy your password and then click on the Admin URL. This will take you to your WordPress login screen. Type in your username and paste your password and then Boom! You’re into the admin panel of your BRAND NEW BLOG! That’s it! We’re all done, wasn’t that incredibly easy?
Wordpress Dashboard
 Want to see something cool?… Type in your domain name into the URL bar. Boom, that’s your site live with the first test blog post. Pretty exciting day. All that took barely 5 minutes and zero technical know-how. Congratulations I hope you enjoy your new WordPress Blog hosted by Bluehost!
First Blog Post
I’m giving you a Virtual High Five right now!
Start A Blog in 5 Minutes Free WordPress Setup & Only $4.95 / month